MAY 2021

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the second edition of WHAAAAAT'S will be postponed to May 2021. The health and safety of our exhibitors, partners, the community and our team always come as the first priority, therefore we decided to postpone the fair without hesitation. Read more

WHAAAAAT'S aims to support local and international artists, promote their artworks and engage with arts community in Taiwan and beyond. The fair creates an occasion for art collectors and enthusiasts to explore a great variety of artworks from around the world and discover artists with great potential in a cozy environment.

The inaugural fair, WHAAAAAT'S - STUDIO OPENING welcomed over 2,800 visitors over 3 days in January 2020, who interacted with 120+ artists in their uniquely curated studios. In addition, they actively participated in guided tours, art talks and interactive media art to enrich their art experience.

The fair is also a platform for artists to meet and engage with art professionals and patrons, including gallerists, curators and art consultants etc. Most importantly, it is also where artists gather together to network, encourage and learn from others, as well as building confidence to continue their artistic journeys.

The second edition of WHAAAAAT'S will return in May 2021, further details will be announced shortly.


Economic Prowess and a Strategic Location

Taiwan is located in the heart of Asia, known for its historical and economic significance as an island trade center. Nowadays, it is a hub that connects Western Pacific, which facilitates trade and logistical movements, and demonstrates its economic vitality and prowess.


Taiwan’s democracy and political atmosphere are conducive to growth, which allows local industries to flourish, including high-tech research and development in such favorable environment. Taiwan is now ranked 5th in foreign exchange reserves globally.

A Vigorous Art Market with Diverse Tastes

Art collecting in Taiwan has been transforming into an influential force in the global art world over the last 20 years due to its rapid economic growth, where serious and experienced art collectors can be found here.


Taiwan is proud to be home of over 180 galleries and art museums, also a host of art auctions, Biennial and other events such as Taipei International Festival of the Arts etc.


Many art associations and non-profit organizations are founded in Taiwan, such as Taipei Culture Foundation, Fubon Art Foundation and Taipei Artist Village etc. to educate local community, engage with local and international artists, and being part of their corporate social responsibilities. These important developments prove Taiwan as a destination for art to grow in the future.

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