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International Contemporary Art Fair


    劉其偉 LIU MAX


    Max Chi-Wei Liu was born in the same year that the Republic of China was established. A national treasure painter of Taiwan, in his legendary life he was not only an engineer, an artist, a writer, an explorer and an anthropologist. He depended on the enthusiasm to life and used it to play out a wonderful most attractive life.

    In his early tough life he even joined in the war and fought in Viet Nam. From the battlefields he visited Angkor Wat with its art started his unique style of watercolor painting; full of love and dreams he never tired of enjoying primitive art. He admired Picasso, Miro and Klee. At 38 he started his painting career. He used his imagination so that the realistic world that he saw would be simplified; he changed the shapes and reconstructed it in the world of art. His paintings all came from nature and the shock of primitive art. The feeling of starting to paint has a marvelous magical power and in those seeming inattentive textures, the motley magnificent colors appear to join together at some times and separate at others. His shining lights shadows jump, appear and disappear; this shows the ability he possesses to control the visual form.

    Simply because of his characteristic of adventure, he entered the mountains, the rivers and marshes; he personally saw how nature is destroyed again and again by ignorant selfish human beings. While he was heartbroken, at the same time he considered himself a real actor to champion environmental protection. In doing this he also explored theories; he also used paintings to express his personal environmental stance. He put his love into the numerous gestures of animal bodies. The animals under his brush always had humorous lifelike emotions and vigor; they were full and prosperous in their life power. In Taiwan he was even invited to be an honorary ranger of three major national parks and was honored as a spokesperson of environment.

    Max Chi-Wei Liu, art’s impish child, used life as a canvas; he constantly adventured on his canvas as he also adventured in life. Of his rich wonderful life played out in his non-professional profession; he broke through the stereotypes life’s roles and became a lively witness of life’s tenacity and plasticity. 房號:1814 首都藝術中心 Capital Art Center