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International Contemporary Art Fair


    吳敏慧 NG MAN WAI


    是次展會當中,她展出了< Reality and the “Real”>此系列創作.這組創作建基於她對客觀攝影的興趣和在德國生活的體驗,並將之具體轉化為個人思考及創作.在進行此組創作時,她以<忠實複製>作為主要的創作手法,這也是她近年重要的研究及創作方向.在進行複製時,她以一種嚴謹和不帶有主觀情感的表現方式,忠實再現創作對象,並嘗試把被複製品及創作品並置展示,目的是模糊甚至倒置生活物品與藝術創作兩者的關係.她期望,在觀眾對作品產生凝視的當下,方能意識到現成物和人為創作的差異.觀眾在凝視前,或許不能馬上意識到何者為人為藝術創作,這正是她透過此系列提出的問題-什麼是真實,什麼是藝術?​

    Ng Man Wai was born in Macao in 1980. After graduation from the Department of Fine Arts of Taiwan Normal University in 2002, she has been dedicating herself to the education and creation of arts in Taiwan and Macao, while actively engaging in art-related activities. She is a member of Art for All Society and the Printmaking Research Centre of Macao. In 2011, she moved to Germany and obtained a degree of Master of Fine Arts at Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar with full marks. In her research project, she explored the topic of "the realness in art" from the perspective of a consumerist culture. During her career of full-time artistic creation, she actively travels between Europe and Asia for art exhibitions and Artist-in-Residence Programs, including Germany, Japan and South Korea.

    She will participate with the series <Reality and the “Real”>. This series of creations are based on her interests in objective photography and the experience of her life in Germany. The major technique she adopted for the creation of this set of artworks revolves around "faithful reproduction", which is also an important research and creation topic of her in recent years. During the process of reproduction, she strived to deliver a faithful copy of the subject in a way that is meticulous without any subjective emotions. She also juxtaposed the original item and its replica to blur or even invert the relationship between every-day things and art creations. She expects viewers will be able to discern the nuances between the two things - a ready-made object and an art creation - only at the very moment when they study them with attention. And before that, they may not realize immediately which is a man-made creation, which is exactly the question I am posing with this series -What is real? What is art? 房號:1907