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International Contemporary Art Fair


    林嘉珍 LIN C.J

    1975年出生的藝術家林嘉珍 C.J LIN

    三度獲得法國藝術家春、秋季沙龍展入選的肯定,油畫聯、個展近40場次[兩岸交流展、國父紀念館個展、藝術拍賣會、藝博會.....等]。從追求創作開始,持續且投入好的工作狀態中是生活日常,我把它視為能夠完整呈現好作品最重要的事,雖然常常一整天下來感覺像是在重複著制式的演進,我的靈感泉源就是來自這樣的過程中一張畫和另一張畫的共振,從不變中生成了變化。每次展出總是試圖找到再脈絡化與新脈絡化的種種可能,動靜寒暖繁簡之間,有沒有意識到新的角度、心的高度......所謂風格,其實只是我對事物微觀與微微觀之間的巧妙差異,是對既存現況的必要梳理。2012年出版「時代 油畫創作集」至今,這些年開始實驗探究複合媒材自身的極限,避免被觀念樣本化,材料的改變可產生無限的詮釋,並以多元化的語言來理解事實,從畫布到木板、油彩到壓克力彩、墨汁、大漆、金箔、代木等媒介轉化成新的藍圖樣貌,反覆的提取精煉出一個位置、一條方向,具有重新「自我命名」標示之意味,在研究中形成這種互動的實現串連著自己的叛逆和執拗,於我而言,藝術家無疑是最好的工作。

    Artist Chia Chen -Lin CJ LIN] was born in 1975

    three times won the French artist Spring, autumn salon exhibition excellent affirmative, oil painting, solo exhibition nearly 40 times [cross-strait exchange exhibition, Nationai Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall solo exhibition, art auction, art fair. ... and so on]。 From the beginning of pursuit of creation , it is daily life to continuous and put into a good working , I regard it as the most important thing to have a complete presentation in my work. Although I often feel like repeating the evolution of the system throughout the day, but my source of inspiration is to come from this process, the resonance of one painting and another painting has changed from the invariant. I always try to find it again in each exhibition, between the choroidalization and the new veins, whether there is a new angle, the height of the heart, between the movements, the warmth and the simple .The so-called style is actually just a clever difference between the micro and micro microscopic things, and it is a necessary combing of the existing situation.In 2012, I published the "Time Oil Painting Creation Collection". In the past few years, I began to explore the limits of the composite media itself and avoid being the concept of sample, material changes can produce unlimited interpretation, and understand the facts in a variety of languages, from canvas to wood,Oil paint to acrylic color, ink, lacquer, gold foil, wood and the other media into a new blueprint, repeated extraction and refining a position, a direction, with the meaning of a renew “self-naming" sign, forming an implementation string of this interaction in the study.With my own rebelliousness and stubbornness, for me, the artist is undoubtedly the best job.