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International Contemporary Art Fair


    林慧姮 LIN HUI HENG



    早期的作品藉由“恐龍”這個符號象徵人與自然、環境的關係,社會中的媒體文化;外在的表象與內在的真實。認為繪畫為一種預言方式,將潛意識與未來顯影於作品中。作品常涉及人類集體在文學經典、童話、寓言、神話中的記憶與線索。2012~2013年以自身內在為田調,探索一年內日復一日的創作其精神與外在關係的變化。並獲得文化部補助,出版『一年花露水』一書。其自我揭露與當代社群媒體的互動形成了一種進行中的生命蛻變儀式。2015年開啟『交換信仰』計畫,將田調的觸角觸及社會大眾,藉由提問“信仰為何”開啟藝術與大眾、精神信仰之於人的意義。試圖展現時代下的集體價值觀與多元面貌。對林慧姮而言,從偶然到有意識的創造,作品中的一切的都只是 「容器」。即便擁有各自迥異的面貌,透過內在神性的流動,共同編織成世界的一個大夢。而她也在此尋得和諧統一,以及自己與世界、自我的關聯。

    LIN Hui-Heng was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and graduated with Master of Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts. She currently lives and works in Taipei.

    Her early works used dinosaurs as symbols to illustrate relationship between humans and nature, modern social media issues, and contrast between what things look like and what they really are.

    She thinks of painting as a way of prediction, where she projects her subconscious and future. Common themes of her works include humans’ memory and clues of human behaviours in literature, fairy tales, fables, and mythology.

    She spent a year exploring her inner self from 2012 to 2013, analysing how external subjects influenced her mind set in creation. She won the grants from the Ministry of Culture and thus published her book, The Passing Year, Flowers & Dews, in which she revealed herself and her interaction with people on social media; an ongoing ritual of self-growth.

    In 2015, she initiated the project, Exchange of Beliefs, to further expand her field research on mind set to the public. She began with questioning “what beliefs are” to explore how art related to the public and how spiritual beliefs are to people, presenting common values and diverse beliefs in modern society.

    For LIN Hui-Heng, everything in her works is merely a “vessel,” no matter it’s created by chance or intention. Although they all have different appearance, they form a greater dream in the world together through internal flow of divinity whilst she finds peace and harmony within those objects and figures the relationship between herself and the world. 房號:2018