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International Contemporary Art Fair


    郭佩奇 KUO PEI CHI

    郭佩奇(b.1991, 台灣高雄)

    現今,能屹立在當代藝術急流中的作品和創作面孔,大多是將自己的創作維度,置於政 治、人文、或藝術史的敘述或語境中。而郭佩奇的作品,就恰恰包含了以上要點。

    畢業於台灣台北藝術大學新媒體藝術研究所,郭佩奇的創作,涵蓋了視覺藝術、表演、錄 像藝術到裝置,各種以不同媒材呈現的作品。

    在作品「聲音肖像」中,郭佩奇結合了聲音、影像,創作出一系列,以這一世紀以來,中 外各政治人物作為素材的互動錄像藝術裝置作品,作品表現出郭佩奇對於現今政治的關 注。希冀在看完作品,莞爾一笑後,觀者能用不同角度,重新思考並去解構政治人物與平 民百姓間,長久以來對立的意識形態。

    在當代藝術創作中,藝術家關注自身感受,將超越敘事的即時感官體驗提煉至 作品當中。 甫考取救生員資格的郭佩奇,在其訓練期間,體驗到人們在享受著 自己創造出的安全理想 環境,並視為理所當然時,常常忘了在這安全罩外,即 將面臨到的各種不同危機。錄像藝 術作品「Do not breathe」,以游泳池水底 往水面上看的視角,一道又一道的人游過,彷彿 是在水族館觀看海洋生物的游 動,提醒人們應重視環境保護。

    此次在 WHAAAAAT’S Studio,郭佩奇除了錄像藝術以及裝置藝術作品,也將發表從「聲 音肖像」延伸而出的版畫系列創作。

    KUO, Pei-Chi (b.1991, Taiwan)

    Artists and their artworks that survive today’s vibrant contemporary art scene are mostly those that incorporate elements of politics, humanism, or narratives and contexts of art history, and Kuo Pei-Chi’s works happen to encompass all of such elements.

    Graduated with an MA from the Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts, Kuo’s creations use a myriad of media and range from visual, performing, and video arts to installations.

    A combination of audiovisual elements, “Sound Portrait” is a series of interactive portrait installations of Taiwanese and international politicians composed entirely of musical notes, and can be seen as a representation of Kuo’s attention to today’s politics. Looking at the portraits, viewers might crack a smile and use a different perspective to deconstruct the lasting and opposing ideologies between politicians and the people.

    The process of contemporary art creation sees artists focus on their own perceptions and blend their sensational experiences into their works in a larger-than-narrative fashion. Having become a certified lifeguard recently, Kuo Pei-Chi has, during her training, come to the realization that people often take safe environments for granted, and forget the dangers that may arise in all sorts of forms beyond the safety net that encloses them in an ideal surrounding. Such is the concept behind video art titled “Do Not Breathe,” which tries to raise awareness of environmental protection by using an upward-looking viewpoint in a swimming pool and people splashing through, as if viewers are looking at sea animals paddling in an aquarium.

    In the 2020 WHAAAAAT’S Studio, KUO Pei-Chi will present not only her video artworks but also debuts a series of prints which extended from her “Sound Portrait” series.

    房號:1810 唐豐藝術