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International Contemporary Art Fair


    金日龍 JIN RILONG

    金日龍(Jin Rilong),現為中央美術學院教授、博士生導師、教育部高等學校教學指導委員會(動畫、數字媒體專業)副主任、中國美術家協會(動漫藝術委員會)副主任。





    Jin Rilong is currently a Professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Doctoral Supervisor, Deputy Director for the National Advisory Committee on Teaching (Animation, Digital Media) to Majors in Higher Education under the Ministry of Education, Deputy Director for (the Committee of Cartoon Art) under the China Artists Association.

    He was admitted to the Class of Fine Arts (Secondary School) in Yanbian Art School of Jilin Province at the age of 16. He was enrolled in the First Studio of Department of Oil Painting at China Central Academy of Fine Arts when he was twenty years old and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1986. From 1996 through to 2000, he studied at the Graduate School at Seoul National University in South Korea and graduated with a master’s degree. From 2001 through to 2005, he studied at the Doctoral School of Hongik University in South Korea and received his Ph.D. degree.

    In the early period of his career, he had been engaged in stage art and art editing for over a decade. From 2001 through to 2003, he served as a lecturer at the College of Fine Arts, Kongju National University and from 2002 through to 2004, he also served as a lecturer at the College of Fine Arts at Hongik University. After he returned to China since 2005, he has been teaching at the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts and he has mainly been engaged in the teaching for Digital Media. In 2013, he works as the Curator for the China Pavilion at the Fifth Gwangju International Design Biennale.

    He has conducted multi-dimensional explorations in art creations extending from graphic representations to abstract paintings, then to installations and moving images. In recent years, he has specialized in graphic abstract paintings. Among his paintings, as early as 1986 he underwent majors changes of art forms in “The Late Autumn”, “Doraji” and “Gold Hairpin” which were his graduation works from the First Studio of the Department of Oil Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts. “Doraji” was selected and published on the cover of magazine Art Research. Since 2014, Jin Rilong has returned to graphic abstract paintings, thus he has formed his own style and carried out a unique “image reconstruction” after developments in five years, from then on his art language of paintings has become more mature.

    His works has been among public and private collections at home and abroad including the National Art Museum of China, the Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, National Centre for the Performing Arts, the Museum of Prince Kung’s Mansion and so on. 房號:1911