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International Contemporary Art Fair


    陳啟豪 CHEN CHI HAO

    陳啟豪 (CHEN, Chi-hao/ b.1978,Taiwan)

    陳啟豪 (CHEN, Chi-hao) ,1978年出生於台灣台北。自幼便對藝術繪畫產生濃厚興趣,因高中美術班時期受到吳士偉老師(著名水墨藝術家)之啟蒙,立志從事書畫藝術創作。2001年進入中國文化大學藝術研究所時,已顯露卓越天賦,塑造出個人獨具的禪意風格。2003年首度舉行個展,初試啼聲,便獲矚目,〈三牆圖〉水墨作品獲得母校華岡博物館典藏。畢業後又陸續於台灣台東知本老爺飯店(2005)、台南市立文化中心(2008)、高雄明宗書法館(2009)、台北東吳大學(2011)、台南Zona Fénix鳳凰特區(2013)、台北蕙風堂藝廊(2017)、高雄瀹茗招待所(2018)等處展出。2018年參加香港「第十三屆亞洲當代藝術博覽會」,《盆花圖》水墨系列深受各界青睞,備受好評。


    CHEN, Chi-hao (1978 -, from Taiwan)

    Artist CHEN, born in 1978, originally from Taipei, Taiwan.

    Chen is a Chinese painting artist, known especially for the stylized decorative qualities of his ink painting, inspired by Mr Wu, Shi-wei, one of well-known art educators of Taiwan, at his early age.

    Chen is a brilliant artist. He has been generating his own individual style of Zen art, since his graduate program of Fine Arts, in Chinese Culture University, Taiwan. Chen’s first solo exhibition was in 2003; his ink painting – Three Walls – was collected by the University of Museum of Hwa Kang, Taipei. Following that, he has participated numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as invited exhibitions, such as at the Taitung Chihpen Hotel Royal (2005), Municipal Tainan Cultural Center (2008), Mingzong Calligraphy Art Museum (2009), the Soochow University, Taipei (2011), Zona Fenix art place (2013), the Hui-Fang-Tang Art Gallery (2017), and the Yue-Ming Teahouse (2018) respectively, throughout typical art institutions and private centers of Taiwan. Besides, Chen’s series of ink works – Pot Flowers Art – received art collectors’ frequent attention during the ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART 2018, Hong Kong.

    Chen’s art is founded on Chinese aesthetics. His works are also strongly influenced by Chinese traditional painting theory. The use of ink colors, the expression of spacial arrangement, and different strokes of the Chinese brush, are all symbolically portrayed by his own way on the entire composition of the works. Recently, Chen has addicted to botanical gardens, especially with little plants. The gardens stimulate Chen to do further study of Chinese ink and featured strokes, as well as his artistic practice of Zen art.

    Today, Chen’s artwork is renowned for his cursive script like depictions. The series of An Oasis of My Housetop, at this exhibition, is meant to make people think, to observe nature, to care and to appreciate the representation of nature, though his art. 房號:1916