Nor Tijan Firdaus (b.1986, Malaysia)

Armed with a fine arts master’s degree from UITM, Nor Tijan has been making waves as a full-time contemporary artist in the local arts scene with her play of mixed media and especially e-waste. With her arts major in sculpture, it comes as no surprise when Nor Tijan is able to transform the use of e-waste into two-dimensional sculptural format. Many people upon seeing her final works maybe unaware that Nor Tijan is a very good painter. Before she meticulously selects each component of the electronic parts and organizes them into the final composition, she actually makes the effort to painstakingly paints her subject matters in order for her to create depth and perspective to the form, as seen in her 2018 works on the seven prime ministers of Malaysia. In her latest transition and development of her tribute to the Great Master series, Nor Tijan takes it to another level by reinterpreting the well-known local modern masters such as Syed Ahmad Jamal and Hoessein Enas through the use of e-waste. Again, the e-waste is used but this time caste in a tile-like resin as if immortalising the greatness of these Great Masters.

房號:2006 Core Design Gallery